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Over 60 Million dollars earned by beat producers.

Over 3 million beats sold in 75 different countries.


There is music sitting in your possession that could earn you a living.

Flexi’s beat network curated by the listening team at can manage the entire beat footprint on your behalf.

We can submit to the sources, manage the licensing, collect from foreign countries, and electronically deposit your money each month. You make the beats, we will help you monetize.

Apply by sharing 1-2 of your beats. Please NO samples in the music. You’re better off making $1000 a week on 5 songs than getting sued for everything you’ve ever earned. That’s not FLEXI at all.

  • Accepting instrumentals and beats
  • Arrangement: Exclusive or Non-exclusive
  • Split as a Flexer 80/20 (We keep 20)
  • Split Non-Flexer: 50/50
  • We manage the entire process
  • You focus on content
  • YouTube Content ID Monetization
  • Monitizing all available channels

    Beats & Instrumentals
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    This is a FREE online submission opportunity.

    Our sync licensing agents are always listening for music that they can use for placement in film and TV. All you have to do is complete the form on this page titled “Beats & Instrumentals” and our team will listen and contact you if they hear something they can use. It can take up to 7-14 business days based on volume. Rest assured that our team will be in touch with you with feedback or an opportunity if we believe we can list your music.

    Now here is a quick note for you when it comes to submitting music.

    • ¬†Send us up to 2¬† tracks of your best music.
    • You don’t have to submit more than once every 3-6 months. Even if you’ve made something new.
    • Once the team likes what they hear and can work with you, they will be in touch and they will contact you about working more with your catalog.
    • Never submit music on behalf of someone else. If the team doesn’t like it, that’s a reflection on you. Plus, there could be liability issues with music you don’t own.
    • Send music, wait, get the feedback and let the opportunities come to you.

    Flexers, click below to visit other services

    Order your website

    As a Flexer, you have two websites and cpanel hosting available on our system. Complete the form on this page and we will set up your Do It Yourself Design built on WordPress. It also includes an e-store. With an e-store, you will be able to sell products from your website.

    If you need it, you may hire a designer from our Flexi team to build your website for you at a discount.

    Film Fast Pitch

    Every month you get to contact our team and set up a pitch meeting to discuss your creative project. Discuss ways to generate money, marketing, funding, grants available, how to build a crew, or team or how to find the right people to help you pull it all together.

    Our pitch team is always ready to hear your ideas or see your finished projects. Here is a link that is checked against our available schedule.


    Flexi offers quarterly and sometimes monthly events. Many of these events are member-only or free to members of the Flexi Community. In many cases, the tickets are free just for being a Flexer or discounted to help support the cost of producing the event. Click on this image to get to the event page.

    Dr Flexi Mentorship

    You have questions and we want to help you get those questions answered. Connect with a mentor and let them provide you with guidance. Let Dr Flexi share with you ways to monetize your career and entertainment business. Click the picture above and let's connect.

    Press Release

    Do you have news we can use and an announcement that the world needs to know about? Let Flexi Studios Creative Community, know and our press team will expertly craft your press release. Once completed, we will promptly send it back to you for global dissemination. If approved, we will also leverage our free wire systems to maximize exposure and observe who picks up the story.

    Creative Library

    Coming soon to Flexi Studios Creative Community is an extensive library of videos, interviews, content, eBooks, and more, all designed to provide valuable information about the entertainment business you're in. Additionally, we will showcase a collection of web conferences and in-person events. Stay tuned to unlock a world of possibilities and enhance your creative journey.