Flexi Studios Expands its Reach with the Acquisition of National Independent Filmmakers

Flexi Studios Expands its Reach with the Acquisition of National Independent Filmmakers


Flexi Studios Expands its Reach with the Acquisition of National Independent Filmmakers




[Winter Garden, FL, 8/14/2023] — Flexi Studios, a leading name in the entertainment industry, is pleased to announce the successful integration of National Independent Filmmakers into its diverse portfolio of services. The acquisition, effective as of Monday, August 14th, 2023, marks a significant milestone in Flexi Studios’ ongoing commitment to enriching the world of independent filmmaking.

National Independent Filmmakers, known for their dedication to promoting and supporting emerging talents in the world of cinema, will now operate as an integral part of the Flexi Studios family. This strategic alliance aims to combine the strengths of both entities to foster even greater opportunities for filmmakers and enhance the overall creative experience.

“We are thrilled to welcome National Independent Filmmakers into the Flexi Studios fold,” said Gene Culver, Membership Coordinator at Flexi Studios. “This collaboration represents a new chapter in our mission to provide exceptional resources and platforms for independent filmmakers to bring their visions to life. Together, we will continue to empower aspiring creators and elevate the art of storytelling. There are additional services/products that will be added to the Flexi Family that I currently own. It’s important that they have a home base of Flexers using them”

This acquisition signifies Flexi Studios’ dedication to expanding its range of services, catering to a broader spectrum of filmmakers, content creators, and industry professionals. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources, both companies are poised to create a stronger, more vibrant landscape for independent cinema.

Flexi Studios is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for National Independent Filmmakers’ existing partners and clients. The acquisition will not only amplify the quality of services but also introduce fresh opportunities for collaboration and growth within the independent filmmaking community.

For inquiries or more information, please contact [Mary] at Media@FlexiStudios.com or 407-801-1100.

About Flexi Studios: Flexi Studios is a dynamic powerhouse in the entertainment industry, dedicated to supporting and promoting creative voices across film, television, and digital media. With a rich history of fostering innovation and collaboration, Flexi Studios continues to shape the future of storytelling.

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