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Flexi’s Film Festival is a semi-annual live event held in Central Florida, specifically tailored for independent filmmakers aiming to introduce their creations to the local Central Florida community, friends, and family. This festival celebrates the spirit of indie cinema, often overshadowed by mainstream platforms, by offering them a unique live setting in the heart of Florida.

Our festival takes immense pride in its commitment to inclusivity. All selected films are automatically considered for “The Flexi Awards” across a host of categories. We promise to watch every submission in its entirety, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your work. Honoring the dedication of filmmakers, we will engage in enriching conversations with the creators of each Officially Selected film. These dialogues, which may last up to 10 minutes, are transformed into videos available on the Flexi website, YouTube channel, and various social media platforms throughout the festival and beyond.

As we prepare to host our Final Film Festival of the year onĀ  December 11th, 2023, we invite filmmakers to present their creations spanning all genres. We welcome entries from both local and international talents.

We are on the lookout for original, story-driven films that not only showcase creativity but also exhibit impeccable production quality.


– Features
– Films under 40 mins
– Local spotlights
– Fashion film
– Documentary
– Animation
– Experimental
– Student film
– Female filmmakers
– Young creators (18 years & below)
– Ultra-shorts (Less than 5 mins).

Our diverse selection committee is composed of professionals from diverse fields, including Filmmakers, Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Local Cinema Enthusiasts from Central Florida. This mix ensures that every film receives a holistic review from multiple perspectives. With each member bringing their unique insights and experiences, our committee guarantees unbiased and thorough decision-making.


Every film selected for the festival has the option of being pitched for monetization through a our streaming connections. You have the final say on how it’s monetized IF you’re ready. Flexi’s dedicated streaming service, further expanding the reach to a wider audience. Films of various lengths and genres that achieve Official Selection will compete for esteemed titles like ‘Film of the Fest’, ‘Local’s Choice Film of the Fest’, and the ‘Flexi Spirit Award.’



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