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Remember, the goal of a press release is to convey important information in a clear and concise manner, while also engaging the media and generating interest in the news being announced.

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This is the opening paragraph of the press release and contains the most important information. It answers the "who, what, when, where, and why" of the news. It's designed to hook the reader and provide a concise overview of the main message.
The body of the press release provides more detailed information and context about the news being announced. It may include quotes from key individuals, statistics, background information, and relevant details.
Including quotes from relevant individuals (such as company executives or experts) adds credibility and a human touch to the press release. Quotes should provide insight, opinion, or commentary related to the news.
This is a brief paragraph that provides basic background information about the company, organization, or individual issuing the press release. It's often included at the end of the release and is meant to give context to readers who may not be familiar with the entity.
Include the contact details of a person who can be reached for further information, questions, or interview requests. This is essential for journalists who may need additional information.
Depending on the purpose of the press release, a call to action can be included at the end, encouraging readers to take a specific action, such as visiting a website, attending an event, or contacting the company for more information.
Many press releases end with the symbol ### centered at the bottom of the page, indicating the end of the release.
Sometimes, additional information or resources intended specifically for the media may be included after the end symbol. This might include background information, data, or images that can help journalists in their coverage.
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As a Flexer, you have two websites and cpanel hosting available on our system. Complete the form on this page and we will set up your Do It Yourself Design built on WordPress. It also includes an e-store. With an e-store, you will be able to sell products from your website.

If you need it, you may hire a designer from our Flexi team to build your website for you at a discount.


As a Flexer, you know firsthand what we offer and how hard we work to help creatives. When you meet someone that you think could benefit from our service and you refer them, we want to compensate you. IF you feel some type of way about referring people and being compensated, you don't have to join the ambassador program. We appreciate the referral either way. 

The only way to set up your ambassador account is to become a Flexer. Every time you refer someone to FlexiStudios, will compensate you each month that they remain a client.

Film Fast Pitch

Every month you get to contact our team and set up a pitch meeting to discuss your creative project. Discuss ways to generate money, marketing, funding, grants available, how to build a crew, or team or how to find the right people to help you pull it all together.

Our pitch team is always ready to hear your ideas or see your finished projects. Here is a link that is checked against our available schedule.

Dr Flexi Mentorship

You have questions and we want to help you get those questions answered. Connect with a mentor and let them provide you with guidance. Let Dr Flexi share with you ways to monetize your career and entertainment business. Click the picture above and let's connect.

Music Pitch

Our sync licensing and music placement team is always listing for music for film, TV, corporate, and other musical acts that are looking for music.

Each song that is sent to us is carefully listened to and we provide feedback as to if we think we can use that track in our system. We are also looking for a few songs that fit our boutique placement teams' opportunities and briefs at SongwritersAndProducers.com.

Flexi Movie Meetup

Come join the Flexi Studios Creative Community and connect with other Flexers in a vibrant networking event. And guess what? The movie is on us! Register now to secure your seat as space is limited. Prepare for an evening of networking and team bonding, followed by an enjoyable movie experience together.


Flexi offers quarterly and sometimes monthly events. Many of these events are member-only or free to members of the Flexi Community. In many cases, the tickets are free just for being a Flexer or discounted to help support the cost of producing the event. Click on this image to get to the event page.

Creative Library

Coming soon to Flexi Studios Creative Community is an extensive library of videos, interviews, content, eBooks, and more, all designed to provide valuable information about the entertainment business you're in. Additionally, we will showcase a collection of web conferences and in-person events. Stay tuned to unlock a world of possibilities and enhance your creative journey.