We help you to run a successful crowdfunding campaign for film or music.

Distribution Support

A dedicated team that will pitch your projects for funding and distribution. 

Expert consulting

Community executives providing career-changing guidance and support

Strategic Planning

Let us help you construct a 6-12 month plan for your success.


Let our marketing experts help you set up a plan to expand your base.

Public Relations

Getting your milestone out to the world through multiple mediums.   

Website & Hosting

A turnkey drop and drag website connected to a dropshipping store. 


Selling merchandise like t-shirts, coffee mugs without buying inventory. 


Creative community meetups with like minded individuals that help you expand your network. 

The Flexi Guarantee

Put our team of experts to work for you and experience the power of creative results. At Flexi Studios, we specialize in helping you raise funds, build a loyal following, and successfully monetize your project through distribution. All while providing meticulous project management.

Trust our talented team of seasoned experts to unlock the full potential of your creative vision. Contact us and let’s discuss your project. Let us guide you towards the success you deserve.

Our results are 100% guaranteed. 

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