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We provide the following support to help you win


We help you to run a successful crowdfunding campaign for film or music.

Distribution Support

A dedicated team that will pitch your projects for funding and distribution. 

Expert consulting

Community executives providing career-changing guidance and support

Strategic Planning

Let us help you construct a 6-12 month plan for your success.


Let our marketing experts help you set up a plan to expand your base.

Public Relations

Getting your milestone out to the world through multiple mediums.   

Website & Hosting

A turnkey drop and drag website connected to a dropshipping store. 


Selling merchandise like t-shirts, coffee mugs without buying inventory. 


Networking with like minded individuals that help you expand your reach. 

Let’s Make Movies, Music, and Create Epic Stuff!

Coming 2024

Music Distribution

Flexi Streaming Service

Flexi Film Festival


Questions? Your answers will be here in the FAQs Below

Is there a membership?

We offer a month to month membership and you can cancel anytime.

What services do you offer outside of the membership

Most of our services are available to non-members as well. These services include crowdfunding, consulting, location services, and more. However, becoming a member offers you the advantage of accessing many services at a discounted rate or included.

Website and merchandise, how does that work?

All of our members are given a drop-and-drag website system connected to a shopping cart with the option to connect to a dropshipping system for merchandise. You can sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and more. We provide the hosting as well as monthly website content updates as part of your membership.

Coaching and consulting, how often?

Consulting is an unlimited service. As a member, you just log in, submit a request, and schedule a mutual time that works for you and your consultant. 

What does the pitch team do?

The pitch team is dedicated to finding profitable opportunities for your creative endeavors, whether it be your own film, artwork, or music. They are here to assist you in monetizing your unique talents and gifts.

How can you help with funding?

Our experts specialize in crowdfunding setup and execution and finding potential investors for film projects.

Can you help my team make a film?

Absolutely! With Flexi Studios, your dedicated consultant will expertly guide you through every step of the film-making process. As an added benefit exclusively for our members, we offer the option to have a skilled production manager present on the day of your shoot, all at a discounted rate.

Which creatives do you work with and why?

Great question!! We work with filmmakers, songwriters, music producers, artmakers, designers,  actors, scriptwriters, and anyone who makes up the entertainment community. It takes so many different people to make a movie. Music and film go together. The art on the wall, the clothing designers, the actors bring the projects to life, and so much more. That’s why Flexi is a collective community of talented individuals collaborating to thrive in the realm of creativity, fostering growth and success in the entertainment industry.  

What are the flexers saying about Flexi?

Sync licensing – Makes shazam your best friend.

Gene Culver

Sync Licensing Agent, Flexi Membership

Sometimes you just have to show up to win.

Susan. B

Actor/Writer/Producer, Flexi Filmmaker

Creative Meetups

Every week, Flexi Studios hosts meetups via Zoom & Clubhouse, Movie Theater, Venues, and Restaurants. Our goal is to bring together creatives and initiate vibrant discussions about film, music, and arts while fostering collaboration among participants. Additionally, we provide insights into Flexi Studios through Q&A sessions. For detailed information, please visit our event page. We eagerly look forward to meeting you.



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