We love planning events and meeting up with the community. In person, online, anytime. Below are a few of our events coming up.


Flexi offers quarterly and sometimes monthly events. Many of these events are member-only or free to members of the Flexi Community. In many cases, the tickets are free just for being a Flexer or discounted to help support the cost of producing the event. Click on this image to get to the event page.

Flexi Movie Meetup 10/10 6PM Altamonte Mall

Come join the Flexi Community and connect with other Flexers in a vibrant networking event. And guess what? The movie is on us! Register now to secure your seat as space is limited. Prepare for an evening of networking and team bonding, followed by an enjoyable movie experience together.

Music Meetup - Zoom it 7/13

This rapid fire listening session and networing opportunity is our chance to listen to music from around the country. Plus you get to meet songwriters and producers from around the world.
7PM – 9PM (FREE Registration)

Listening Session 8/1/2024

Powered by, is the fruitful songwriters listening session. This is an opportunity to get instant feedback on your music and get your music placed in film and television. This free event but you must register with them. This doesn’t require a membership. 

Film Pitch (TBD)

Do you have a script that you want turned into a film? Do you have a feature length project that needs a home so you can monetize? We have strong pitch team and this is an opportunity for you to meet with them and share you film for placement. 

Flexi Studios Launch 9/23/23
Creative Meetup

This monthly event takes place in a great environment from 6-9PM. Come meet some of the best in the film and music business. Listen to our guest speakers share their insight about the industry. Bring your questions so we can get them answered. ( Free event for Members )

Music Listening Session

Nashville listening session coming soon. 

Club Membership

Coming soon is our library of live interviews. As we talk with entertainment experts and record those sessions we will launch our members-only section filled with ebooks, videos, and live talks.

Music & Artist

Songwriting sessions to music video production, our team is ready to help you expand your career.  


Engaging in collaborative film production, coupled with secure funding, serves as a remarkable avenue for successfully bringing a film to fruition. Through our prior experiences, we have had the privilege of assisting numerous filmmakers by working alongside exceptional writers, directors, cast, and crew. In fact, it was precisely these fruitful collaborations that inspired us to establish Flexi Studios.

Our passion for the art of filmmaking knows no bounds, and we extend a warm invitation to you to join forces with our dedicated team to realize your next project. Together, we can navigate the creative process and ensure the successful completion of your vision.

Songwriters & Producers

The songwriting camps are build for songwriters and producers. As we drop the beat, you write the hit. 
Pairing songwriters and producers with singers to create hits is what our team does. 

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