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“Flexers” are the heart and soul of Flexi Studios. The creativity shows from the inside out. 

The Flexers

Flexi Studios was established with the primary objective of supporting the global creativity of the entertainment community. Our main focus is on creating various forms of content, including movies, music, and TV shows, in collaboration with talented individuals whom we call “flexers.” Our dedication lies in empowering and backing these creatives throughout their journey.

However, our commitment extends beyond content creation. We provide comprehensive support to all types of artists. Our photographers capture stunning visuals, our wardrobe team crafts exceptional clothing, and our artists delve into their creative realms, producing unpredictable and captivating results.

Our greatest asset is our extensive network within the entertainment industry. We continuously nurture and expand these connections, positioning ourselves as a vital resource for talented individuals seeking to elevate their careers to new heights. 

Flexi Studios Creative community is seeking passionate and talented creatives to join our new online marketplace that is in development. We are thrilled to offer a platform where uniqueness, craftsmanship, and creativity are highly valued. Join us and showcase your extraordinary creations. Our marketplace will be visited by millions of people.

Schedule to launch Nov 2023.

What’s in the Membership Club

Here is a sneak peek into a few of the membership benefits with Flexi Studios.

We have one goal: That’s to help you win!


Every business or creative needs a website. So we decided to give you two. Use them as you like. You may want to use one website for your company and the for an artist. We will set up the framework, load hundreds of templates, and you can log in and manage the content. Use the point-and-click system to add your own content. You can also have our team manage the website for you.  (Contact us) if you have questions.

Website Hosting

Hosting is included in every club membership. Unlimited professional emails, Unlimited space, cpanel hosting, host up to 2 websites, and SSL for a secure ” https:// ” website and store. Your websites are yours to keep. 

e-store with Merchandise

Every members gets two websites. Each website can be connected to a shopping cart to process online sales. The option is built in to the e-Store to sell merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, and other items.  

Event & Conference Tickets

We host multiple events and major conference every year. We are also connected with multiple events and we purchase a limited supply of tickets to those events to provide to our Flexers on a first come first serve basis. Additionally, we offer discounts to events that are only available to our members.

Dedicated Mentor

Every member gets a dedicated mentor to answer questions about their career. You will be able to send an email to them or schedule a call to talk one on one. You will also be invited to group calls where you can connect with other individuals who are also seeking answers to questions about their career.  

Songwriters Contest

We are always looking for music to push through our network for sync licensing, artist projects, and micro licensing. We hold songwriter contest and listening sessions for just this purpose.  

Sync Licensing Network

We have an ever growing network of Sync Licensing connections. Sync licensing is whenever a song is connected to a moving piece of video. We are connected to many networks to help all of our Flexers get placements in film, tv, and video. 

Press Release

Once the press release is crafted, we will promptly share it with you for your approval before proceeding with its distribution on your behalf. The Flexi team will diligently share your press release with various outlets, aiming to maximize its reach. Feel free to also distribute it independently to expand its visibility.

Business Startup

The startup business coaching and building of business credit is a big part of the foundation for our successful Flexers that are building for the long term. We value our knowledge on how to jump start your business and improve your ability to expand. Connect with a consultant and let’s get you on the right track. 

Pitch Team for Film

Our pitch team holds what they call Pitch Tables. Filmmakers can come to a private pitch session and share their film or tv project idea. The executives will work hard to see how they can get that project funded and placed. 

Pitch Team for Music

Our pitch team

Live Streaming App

 We are working to launch our own personalized app so you can monitize your content, music videos, create your own shows and more. Tivid Studios is in a join venture with Flexi Studios. It has built in Subscription, Live Stream, or own demand. Contact the pitch team for an opportunity to get your short, feature length or tv show listed. No membership required. However, if you’re a member, your access to the program is included. 

Art Shows

All of our members get access to our quarterly art shows. This is where you meet filmmakers, songwriters, photographers, and some of the most creative people on the planet.

On Demand Interview Library

Our online library of videos, ebooks, and interviews are perfect for helping you to get a better understanding of how the entertainment business works. This members only access library is available to paid Flexers only. 

Flexer Interviews

The Flexer Interviews are designed to provide you with social media content that adds to your current social media content. You’re interview is conducted during our media days where you can get your photo headshots and video interviews all in one day. You can use the content anyway that you want.   

Photo Sessions

 It’s time to renew those headshots! Get some candid pics for social media and more. Well, our member only photo sessions will do the trick. Just show up dressed and ready to go while our photo team creates great looking photos. 

fundraising team

There are multiple ways to raise funds for your project. Sponsorships, Investors, and crowdfunding just to name a few. We also have access to production teams that can help fund your project. Our fundraising team is ready to discuss your project to discover which method if any is the right path to help you get your project off the ground.

Online membership Directory

Our membership only directory (Launching Fall of 2023) will list our members across the country. This directory is designed to give visibility to members who are in search of entertainment opportunities. 


Flexi Studios is the ultimate “Club” for the creatives. It’s like a chamber of commerce for the talent that we serve. Like any organization, your support is necessary to create a thriving environment for the members we affectionately call “Flexers”.

By Joining Flexi, you get a team of experts to add to your team. 
Below is a list of the benefits to our members.


  • Internal and external mentors
  • Pitch team for film and music opportunities
  • Extended team of experts and connections
  • Hosting key executives at our conferences
  • eMail & live chat customer support team
  • Websites, servers, and dedicated web support
  • E-Commerce set up team
  • Crowdfunding set up team
  • Business consultants
  • Press release experts
  • Flexi photograhers
  • Networking events
  • Conference event team
  • Discount and Free tickets to outside events

Flexi Studios Selects DIVI as the Website Software For Flexers

The built in flexibility of Divi and the AI image and content creation makes this one a no brainer -

Attention, Flexers! We are thrilled to unveil our latest offering for Flexi Studios. Introducing an innovative mobile streaming platform that empowers our Flexers to monetize their exceptional content.

The Power Behind The Studio

Chris and McKenzy Bowers, Indianapolis natives and entrepreneurial duo, established Tivid Technologies Inc., the creators of Tivid TV, an OTT streaming platform in 2019. Their primary aim was to provide independent filmmakers with a platform where they could earn 100% of their royalties. Christopher Mike, a well-known film producer with 15 years of experience, had noticed a lack of distributor options that didn't take away a significant portion (50% or more) of his earnings. Recognizing this issue, Chris and McKenzy, leveraging McKenzy's advanced analytical marketing skills, decided to develop a solution that would bridge the economic gap faced by filmmakers while fostering community support for small production businesses.

In 2021, Tivid TV Studios was established to cater to the technological requirements of the streaming platform. It quickly became an indispensable resource for filmmakers, content creators, and corporate businesses. Situated in the heart of Central Florida, Tivid TV Studios has played a vital role in supporting the growth and success of the platform. Furthermore, the company has plans to expand its operations by opening a second location in Austin, TX, in the spring of 2022.



Flexi Studios

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